Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sci-fi gun Pop Quiz....

Introducing one of our new items through this Geek Quiz: identify the two iconic sci-fi guns. 
They are....
Top gun is Mal's gun from Firefly Serenity and the one below is our brand new item, Rey's Blaster from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
And why would you want Rey's blaster? Because if you're cosplaying Rey this year, everyone's going to have a bo staff, but how many people are going to have the blaster handed to her by non other than Han Solo? 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Denix German MP-40 machine pistol replica available at Geek House Creations

Denix MP40 Replica
Denix MP-40 with folding stock
This is the Denix German MP-40 reproduction available now at Geek House Creations. It's an amazing Denix replica consisting of mostly stamped metal construction like the original with a hard plastic resin handle and carriage. Comes with functioning folding stock and bolt with safety latch. Denix really did a nice job with this one as it feels absolutely fantastic with great weight and balance. The magazine comes slides in and out very easily. The folding stock is solid when extended and makes the gun much easier to aim. It's no wonder most WWII photos show German soldiers carrying the MP40 with the stock extended.

Denix PPSH-41 and MP-40
Two beautiful Denix Reproductions
It's a surprising big weapon for a sub-machine gun and makes a nice compliment to the Denix PPSH-41 as they weapons were rivals in real life. The Denix PPSH-41 is also available at our site and features a beautiful wood stock.

Denix MP40 with folded stock
Folding Stock

The German MP-40 is the most recognizable weapon of WWII. This weapon was used by all branches of German service but most well known as a favorite of the Waffen SS.This weapon was in many ways, the first modern machinegun with all metal stamped construction. Captured MP-40's was a favorite souvenir of American GIs and secondary weapon of Russian forces on the Eastern Front.

CJ Campbell has created a great video review here:

Please pass this on to anyone that's interested.