Friday, October 28, 2016

Deadshot's Wrist guns from Suicide Squad, new 3D Printed prop from Geek House Creations

Here's a first view of Geek House Creations Deadshot Wrist guns from the Suicide Squad movie coming out in August.Top half of the pic is a close up of Deadshot's wrist guns from the most prominent promo picture and the lower half are my own 3D Printed version.

deadshot wrist guns prop for cosplay
Deadshot Wrist guns.

There's not alot of source material for his wrist guns yet, except a few movie stills and some detailed pictures of the merchandise resin statue coming out with the movie. From what I can gather, looks like the guns are based off pistol receivers with short ventilated barrels. The wrist housings feature the inscription, "I AM THE LIGHT, THE WAY". Kinda Christian-y if you ask me. (What's up with that?)

I'll be posting a few other pics of the wrist guns with their straps to show what they'd look like "in action" when I get a chance. I'll probably follow up with some progress pics as well. 
If anyone is interested in purchasing a set, you can check out my shop listing for Deadshot's Wrist Guns at Geek House Creations.
So anyone up for a little Deadshot Cosplay?
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