Monday, September 21, 2015

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Dreadful Crimes Trailer

Everything about this looks so good. It's like the fandom of Sherlock Holmes series and movies and Assassin's Creed got together with Neo-Victorians and created what I hope will be the culmination of the Assassin's Creed franchise. This may be a second chance for those of us disappointed by The Order: 1886.  Don't screw this up, Ubi.

For more on this trailer, check out this piece on

Friday, September 18, 2015

Mauser C96: Han Solo Blaster meets Steampunk and Dieselpunk


I have always had a love affair with the Mauser C96, even before most people fell in love with it in the guise of Han Solo's magnificent blaster or the "Sherlock Holmes: Games of Shadows" 2011 movie. I first saw it's distinctive shape as a kid in the Western "Joe Kidd". I was baffled. I'd never seen a gun like this in a Western. It looked weird, slick and elegant, yet over mechanical in some way.

Finally, decades later, now with an interest in Steampunk and Dieselpunk, I finally got my hands on a Denix replica, and I can report that my love was not misplaced. Holding the gun makes you want to strike a pose. It's solid and heavy but balanced and almost delicate.

Functional sights and cocking mechanism
This Denix replica comes imitation wood grips. It's a pretty solid metal construction and is sometimes used as the basis for a all metal Han Solo Blaster using available retail kits.

I may work up the courage to dive into one of these expensive kits and produce a metal Han Solo Blaster, but for now, I'm just enjoying my C96 Mauser.

If anyone is interested in owning one of these magnificent pistols, here's a link to it at my shop!

NEW & IMPROVED Jayne Cobb Pistol from Firefly Serenity and Denix Guns

I'm so happy to post this new improved version of Jayne Cobb's gun from the hit TV show Firefly Serenity. As you may recall from a previous post, I was originally offering a solid resin version of this iconic gun. Unfortunately, the supplier become really unreliable putting me in the position where I was going to leave two customers in the lurch. Well, just about the same time I became a licensed Denix distributor and picked up this fantastic Denix Replica of the Civil War LeMat pistol, the prototype of Cobb's Firely pistol.

Civil War Era LeMat Pistol
Not wanting to leave my customers stranded, I took the LeMat printed a few mods for the historical weapon and the new, improved version of the Jayne Cobb pistol was born! As added bonus, it's made of all metal construction, has a fully functional trigger with hammer and turning cylinder. Weighing in at a satisfying 3+lbs this thing feels great.

Both the Firefly pistol and the original Civil War LeMat are available on my Etsy shop, and at this point, I think I have every major Firefly Serenity gun available at my shop; I've got a great looking Reynold's pistol. I've got Jayne Cobb's massive pistol, and of course, the Jayne Cobb's "Vera". Am I done?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jayne Cobb's Vera from Firefly Serenity

"Six men came to kill me one time. And the best of 'em carried this. It's a Callahan full-bore auto-lock."

Behold the Callahan Full Bore Auto otherwise known as Jayne Cobb's "Vera" in the hit sci-fi show Firefly Serenity. This is the gun that Jayne Cobb dotes on and tries to horse trade for a little time with Christine Hendricks in the episode "Our Ms. Reynolds". This prop is available through the Geek House Creations Shop.

This a 3D Printed replica public domain Blueprint by Game Props in Thingiverse. It's quite a build at over 100 hours of printing and putting together. This is by far the most ambitious thing I've ever printed, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. It majors over 33 inches in length and about 24 inches from bottom of magazine to top of scope. 

This is part of my "Firefly" collection with Mal's pistol also on display. 

Next up, I'll be modding a Denix replica Lemat into a pretty good version of Jayne Cobb's pistol. Feel free to offer comments, thoughts, encouragement, critiques, and of course, if you like it, share it.