Sunday, December 18, 2016

Geek House Creations cosplay items at display at NJ Comic Expo!

Check out cosplayer and Geek House Creations spokesperson, Emma Davey, doing a shout for Geek House Creations in her interview for Galactic Edge Cosplay at NJ Comic Expo. And make sure you check out our Deadpool MP5 Cosplay gun.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Classic Harley Quinn Pop Gun by Geek House Creations

Harley Quinn pop gun for cosplay
Harley's packing some serious heat!

Harley Quinn is enjoying alot of popularity these days and you can't go to a Con or browse cosplay pics without running into a least half a dozen Harleys. She's always been popular but the Suicide Squid movie has put her over the top. As you might expect from the success of the Suicide Squad movie, "Suicide" Harley Quinn with her fishnets, high heels, and "Good Night" bat make up the vast majority of current Harley cosplay. But I've always had a soft spot for classic Harley Quinn with her simple black and red jumpsuit and jester hat. A few Harley Cosplayers are breaking away from the crowd and revisiting Classic Harley Quinn with some pretty spectacular results. 

Because I wanted to do something to show my appreciation for those cosplayers still representing old school Harley Quinn, I decided to work on a Classic Harley Quinn Pop-Gun. 

A quick Google search gave me a pretty good view of what was out there and while alot of it was good, alot of it was improvised out of foam board and tubing. Great for the personal use maybe, but not something I'd want to offer in my shop since quality and consistency would be hard to maintain. Given that I have a few 3D Printers, I thought, "Easy! I'll find me a good blue print and presto!" Not so fast. Thingiverse and Myminifactory revealed some pretty scant choices. Had no one thought of doing a good Harley pop gun? Well, turns out there's two good options for us pop gun enthusiast. There's the "Haley Quinn Cork Gun by Souleatergaming on Thingiverse and the simpler but still pretty good Harley Pop Gun by Tastyrice.

Souleatergaming's Pop Gun

Being a bit ambitious, I went for the most complicated piece by Souleatergaming and after some slicing and and dicing on Meshmixer to get the parts the way I like them, off to the printer. 

Souleatergaming 's blueprints for the Harley Gun actually very good, but my one big gripe with the design is that it simply doesn't have a barrel. I know it's supposed to look like that, but it looks like some thing's missing. I thought about designing a barre to mix into the blueprint,  but decided to go manual and just took a 2" PVC pipe and glued it to the front of the gun,  a 2" cork from Amazon and some twine, and the result is...a pretty cool looking Classic Harley Quinn Pop Gun. I primed it and painted simple black with some red highlights on the diamonds and hearts and my Harley Quinn Pop Gun was done!
I was so tempted to add some gold to compliment the red and black but decided to stick to the classic look of black and red. 

Now I have a bit more time, I may actually design a 3D Printed barrel for this piece instead of having to run out to Home Depot to get PVC pipe each time I want to make one.  

If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these, you can find them through my shop at Geek House or if more convenient, my Etsy shop listing for Harley Quinn Pop Gun.


Friday, October 28, 2016

Deadshot's Wrist guns from Suicide Squad, new 3D Printed prop from Geek House Creations

Here's a first view of Geek House Creations Deadshot Wrist guns from the Suicide Squad movie coming out in August.Top half of the pic is a close up of Deadshot's wrist guns from the most prominent promo picture and the lower half are my own 3D Printed version.

deadshot wrist guns prop for cosplay
Deadshot Wrist guns.

There's not alot of source material for his wrist guns yet, except a few movie stills and some detailed pictures of the merchandise resin statue coming out with the movie. From what I can gather, looks like the guns are based off pistol receivers with short ventilated barrels. The wrist housings feature the inscription, "I AM THE LIGHT, THE WAY". Kinda Christian-y if you ask me. (What's up with that?)

I'll be posting a few other pics of the wrist guns with their straps to show what they'd look like "in action" when I get a chance. I'll probably follow up with some progress pics as well. 
If anyone is interested in purchasing a set, you can check out my shop listing for Deadshot's Wrist Guns at Geek House Creations.
So anyone up for a little Deadshot Cosplay?
Make sure to check out other great cosplay & replicas at

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Rey's Staff from Star Wars The Force Awakens

Rey's staff from The Force Awakens

Rey's staff prop how to
Canvas strips for texture
Here Rey's staff from Star Wars The Force Awakens. This movie accurate prop stands a full 6' 5" long and has some very nice features. The staff's most recognizable parts are all 3D Printed in solid ABS plastic. The 3D Parts are solid ABS plastic. ABS is preferable to cheaper PLA plastic as it doesn't melt or deform in heat. I cringe every time I hear about a prop made in PLA plastic. Leaving a PLA prop in your car in the parking lot on a hot summer day could ruin your day. Not so with ABS. As I said in an earlier post, the parts can be found on, though I made some minor modifications to my parts. I used canvas strips, leatherette, and real suede leather for the textured grip. I added a rubber stopper at the bottom for better grip when leaning and so as to be a bit gentler on floors.
Finally the staff has detachable adjustable military canvas straps.  And the best part of all, the staff easily splits into two parts for easy travel to conventions. This is no small feature when you consider that, at over 6 feet, the staff would be almost impossible to travel with in trains and most cars. 

The entire staff is based on a lightweight but sturdy aluminium conduit tube.

The entire staff was primed, painted black, and finally painted in Rustoleum Hammered Metal. Finally the staff was weathered in pastels and oils. Some areas got a treatment of Rub n' Buff for special highlights.

This prototype is off to Denmark and another order is soon going to Ireland so that split option into halves is a life saver when it comes to mailing. Apparently the US Postal Service doesn't mail seven foot poles! Imagine that!

So there it is, the latest addition to the Geek House Creations Star Wars Collection and a great match for our Rey NN-14 blaster, otherwise known as "Han's lender to Rey".
Rey's blaster from The Force Awakens

Both these props are available through directly through as part of the Star Wars Collection or through my Etsy shop "Geek House Creations". Order through my Geek House Creations webpage and save $5 on the staff. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Quick Progress pics of my Rey Staff from The Force Awakens

Rey's Staff from The Force Awakens
Mock up of 3D Printed Parts
This is a quick progress pic of my new Rey staff from The Force Awakens. Most of the staff's parts are 3D Printed from the excellent files on by JediTrooper. I had to do some scaling up and might alter some of the files to more to my liking. Specifically the mace-like flange part looks a bit short to me, but I'd have to cross reference it against movie stills and prop photos I have. For the most part though, JediTroopers files are an excellent jumping off point for anyone building this staff.
This particular staff is already commissioned and going all the way to Denmark as the perfect compliment for someone who already purchased my Rey blaster from The Force Awakens.
If anyone is interested, Rey's blasters are already up  and I'll soon have staffs available at and my Etsy store

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Deadpool Gun and Grenades for Cosplay

Deadpool gun for cosplay

So I've been amazingly busy and have neglected this blog bit. But! I will be coming back in the few two weeks with several posts on upcoming items and some 3D Printing tips that are just too good not to share. For now, I'm posting a few pics of a new Deadpool gun for cosplay. This is a commission piece for a wonderful cosplayer named Emmapool.

Emma has promised us to send us some pics of herself with our gun and grenades and we can't wait to see them! Meanwhile we'll post this pic of Emmapool to wet your appetite. Like me, I'm sure you want to see more of her here. If you're interested in getting one of your very own Deadpool guns, check out the link for the Geek House Creations store item page HERE.

Meanwhile you can find more Emmapool at her FB Fanpage at

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sci-fi gun Pop Quiz....

Introducing one of our new items through this Geek Quiz: identify the two iconic sci-fi guns. 
They are....
Top gun is Mal's gun from Firefly Serenity and the one below is our brand new item, Rey's Blaster from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
And why would you want Rey's blaster? Because if you're cosplaying Rey this year, everyone's going to have a bo staff, but how many people are going to have the blaster handed to her by non other than Han Solo?