Thursday, May 19, 2016

Quick Progress pics of my Rey Staff from The Force Awakens

Rey's Staff from The Force Awakens
Mock up of 3D Printed Parts
This is a quick progress pic of my new Rey staff from The Force Awakens. Most of the staff's parts are 3D Printed from the excellent files on by JediTrooper. I had to do some scaling up and might alter some of the files to more to my liking. Specifically the mace-like flange part looks a bit short to me, but I'd have to cross reference it against movie stills and prop photos I have. For the most part though, JediTroopers files are an excellent jumping off point for anyone building this staff.
This particular staff is already commissioned and going all the way to Denmark as the perfect compliment for someone who already purchased my Rey blaster from The Force Awakens.
If anyone is interested, Rey's blasters are already up  and I'll soon have staffs available at and my Etsy store

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