Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Rey's Staff from Star Wars The Force Awakens

Rey's staff from The Force Awakens

Rey's staff prop how to
Canvas strips for texture
Here Rey's staff from Star Wars The Force Awakens. This movie accurate prop stands a full 6' 5" long and has some very nice features. The staff's most recognizable parts are all 3D Printed in solid ABS plastic. The 3D Parts are solid ABS plastic. ABS is preferable to cheaper PLA plastic as it doesn't melt or deform in heat. I cringe every time I hear about a prop made in PLA plastic. Leaving a PLA prop in your car in the parking lot on a hot summer day could ruin your day. Not so with ABS. As I said in an earlier post, the parts can be found on www.thingivers.com, though I made some minor modifications to my parts. I used canvas strips, leatherette, and real suede leather for the textured grip. I added a rubber stopper at the bottom for better grip when leaning and so as to be a bit gentler on floors.
Finally the staff has detachable adjustable military canvas straps.  And the best part of all, the staff easily splits into two parts for easy travel to conventions. This is no small feature when you consider that, at over 6 feet, the staff would be almost impossible to travel with in trains and most cars. 

The entire staff is based on a lightweight but sturdy aluminium conduit tube.

The entire staff was primed, painted black, and finally painted in Rustoleum Hammered Metal. Finally the staff was weathered in pastels and oils. Some areas got a treatment of Rub n' Buff for special highlights.

This prototype is off to Denmark and another order is soon going to Ireland so that split option into halves is a life saver when it comes to mailing. Apparently the US Postal Service doesn't mail seven foot poles! Imagine that!

So there it is, the latest addition to the Geek House Creations Star Wars Collection and a great match for our Rey NN-14 blaster, otherwise known as "Han's lender to Rey".
Rey's blaster from The Force Awakens

Both these props are available through directly through www.geekhousecreations.com as part of the Star Wars Collection or through my Etsy shop "Geek House Creations". Order through my Geek House Creations webpage and save $5 on the staff. 

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